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Time is money. When losses add up as days past due roll on, it’s important for you to locate
your vehicles as quickly as possible. GPS and starter interrupters offer a small measure of
security, but installation and maintenance costs can be costly. Plus, what happens when that
expensive device is disabled?

Vehicle location data helps dealers like you find vehicles faster without the hassle or cost of
opting-in or an added device. This dealer put DRN’s vehicle location data to the test, using the
data in early stage delinquency. The results were swift and the impact nearly immediate. They
recovered more vehicles faster and were even able to cure loans using DRN’s data to make
right party contact.

See for yourself. Sign up for DRN’s free VIN test for up to 10 VINs. Submit your VINs and DRN
will put billions of sightings to work, looking for your vehicles. Get a report that shows the total
number of sightings for each VIN. It’s a no-risk way to recover your vehicles and money.


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