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DRN: Data Collection and Analytics

Using a nationwide network of mobile-mounted cameras, DRN uses license plate recognition (LPR) to capture publicly visible and available license plates. By appending the plate photos, image location and date and time documented, DRN provides a database to reference historical vehicle locations during skip tracing. We take that data along with public records and use our exclusive analytics platform to build the stories of where vehicles have been and where they might go – helping users solve portfolio management, collections and recovery challenges. This way you can originate and cure more loans, avoid more charge-offs and grow your bottom line.

50+ billion public record data: Address records, known associates, phone numbers, etc.

MVTRAC: Forwarding and Repossession 

With unique access to DRN’s data, MVTRAC enters the process when you have to make the hard decision to repossess. While other forwarders may also use DRN data, MVTRAC gets it first – creating a significant competitive advantage. Our data, in combination with their extensive agent network and features like Smart Assign, accelerate the assignment process by validating vehicle locations and determining the closest, most qualified and pre-approved agent to assign directly for recovery. And with their one-of-a-kind Case Claim capability, vehicles are repossessed quickly and compliantly every time.

Services more than 70% of the automotive finance industry Increases pre-charge off recoveries by ≈ 15% for Smart Assign users.

  • Forwarding
  • LPR Staging
  • Skip to Repo
  • Deep Skip Investigations 

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