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Solutions for all stages of lending, collections and recovery.

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DRN offers the industry-leading vehicle location intelligence platform – DRNsights, that utilizes license plate recognition (LPR) data and public records data to generate actionable vehicle location insights for portfolio management, collections, recovery, crime prevention, and fraud prevention. With the largest LPR database in the US, we provide our customers with actionable insights into every vehicle, enabling them to make well-informed decisions.


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When the challenging decision to repossess arises, MVTRAC’s extreme agent network and proprietary Smart Assign technology, coupled with exclusive access to DRNdata, guarantee swift and efficient vehicle location for optimal asset recovery.


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Use Active Duty Alerts to confirm Active Duty status with automatic compliance.
Loss Alerts monitors your entire vehicle portfolio for impounds helping you avoid delayed notifications and unwarranted fees.
Vehicle Search builds a history vehicle locations using individual or clustered sightings and notifications on new sightings. Also provides vehicle sighting historical data and relevant addresses.
Skip Trace locates debtors using location history and public records. Produces email address, phone number and location addresses that can be used in contacting the debtor.

Forwarding sends a repossession assignment to a vendor who can quickly and efficiently retrieve the vehicle. MVTrac has affiliates nationwide who can handle forwarding assignments.
LPR Staging elevates a vehicle search to the nationwide level for a period of 15 days. Uses vehicle sighting history and alerts to monitor new license plate scans.
Skip to Repo takes LPR Staging to the next level by adding an account manager who will oversee the process and work the account for you to help avoid charge-offs.
Deep Skip is the most extensive level of skip tracing available. In addition to vehicle sighting data, historical sightings, and public records this level of research involves bankruptcy platforms, private investigators, legal resources and more.